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2017 - Live Events & Concerts DVDs

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CBSO Youth Orchestra
Symphony Hall, Birmingham 29/10/17 £15

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Chethams Symphony Orchestra
Bridgewater Hall, Manchester 20/10/17 £15

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London Schools Symphony Orchestra - Barbican Hall, London 25th Sept 2017 £15

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London Schools Symphony Orchestra - On with the Dance - Barbican Hall, London 20/04/17 £15

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International Youth Choir Festival 2017

A Celebration of World Voices,
Royal Albert Hall 15/04/17 £15

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Wandsworth Schools 'A Brighter Sound 2017', Royal Festival Hall, London 28/03/17 £12

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Buckinghamshire Schools 'Echoes7'
Royal Albert Hall 20/03/17 £15

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Barnardos National Choir Competition
Royal Festival Hall, London 17/03/17 £15

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LSSO Jan 17

London Schools Symphony Orchestra, Barbican Hall, London 05/01/17 £15

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